David condon staff members

Our law practice is focused exclusively on handling residential real estate closings and providing title insurance for those transactions.

The attorneys in our office all set out to practice in this specific area of law finding satisfaction in providing a needed service at a known and reasonable price to parties who choose to be involved in a transaction.

While we have the good fortune to handle a healthy volume of real estate closings, we realize that for the parties involved this may be the only closing they have ever experienced involving one of the largest and most important financial decisions they have ever made.  We are honored to play a role in the process of buyers purchasing a family home or sellers passing their family home onto a new family.  Our business comes mainly from real estate agents, mortgage lenders and home buyers or sellers with whom we have worked in the past.  We value these relationships and take our assignment seriously recognizing that the job we do reflects on the one who selected us to handle the transaction.  We are going to hold up our end of the bargain in the process.

Our experienced attorneys and office staff genuinely enjoy the role they play in the closing process and the opportunity to work frequently with so many in the community that keep the housing market humming.  We view the assignment to handle your closing as a privilege and we pay close attention to detail to ensure that your closing is done correctly and on time. 

We have been handling real estate closings in the Birmingham Over the Mountain area for over 20 years and look forward to doing what we do well for many more years to come.